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Protecting the Future Means Protecting the Present

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Protecting the Future Means Protecting the Present

We started our agency in 2012, after working for other insurance agencies in the Tulsa area for 6 years. We wanted a business that would not only exceed in customer service but would also strive to serve you with INTEGRITY, RESPECT and DILIGENCE, all while able to support local charities that benefit others in need. 

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Becky Connel

Managing Partner

Becky has an adventurous spirit, she loves traveling by motorcycle, taking trips across the United States with her Husband Mike, and several of their motorcycle loving friends. Becky likes to serve others and works to provide her clients with personalized and thoughtful services. She is known for her faith and passion towards others especially the elderly, her promptness, and reliability as an advocate for her clients. In addition to her dedication to service, Becky enjoys spending time with her family and friends.